China Market Guide

(Shandong Province)

(1) General Information

Mean temperature in summer: 24ˇăC
Mean temperature in winter: -0.4ˇăC

Total: 10,654 square kilometers
Urban: 1,102 square kilometers

Total: 7,156,500
Urban: 2,376,000
Foreigners and Taiwan, HK and Macao citizens: 50,000

Qingdao has well developed industrial facilities for the production of textiles, chemicals, household electrical appliances, electronics, rubber products, locomotives and rolling stock and foodstuffs.

(2) Convenient and efficient transport

Qingdao Harbor is one of China's major shipping facilities and includes docks for containers, iron ore, crude oil and coal. 70 shipping routes are in operation linking 450 or more overseas ports and 310 international and regional vessels depart from Qingdao every month. In 2002, the total throughput in Qingdao harbor was 122 million tons, which ranked it fifth among Chinese ports. 3,410,000 TEU containers and 82,630,000 tons of import and export cargos were handled in the same year, listed third and second among Chinese ports respectively. Container throughput ranked Qingdao Harbor ed 15th worldwide.

Thirteen international and regional routes are in operation to and from Qingdao International Airport and 130 flights each week link Qingdao directly or indirectly with Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Macao. A direct route to Frankfurt will put into operation in the near future. 748 flights are in operation each week linking 47 domestic cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

(3) Unlimited business opportunities

Qingdao Municipal Government encourages investors in the fields of logistics, oceanographic and biological research and tourism, as well as R&D in electronic home appliances, petrochemical products, automobiles, locomotives and rolling stock, vessel containers and new materials. China's largest home appliance manufacturers are located in Qingdao. A refinery with an annual capacity of 10 million tons has been approved by the central government and a 30 square kilometer parcel of land has been allocated for this petrochemical production facility. Projects with an annual capacity of 2,400,000 tonnage vessels, 300,000 cars and 300,000 TEU containers have been scheduled.

Infrastructure projects:
154 construction projects have been scheduled for the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, including 23 major constructions in the athlete village, an international mail ferry, an international conference and water sports center and 15 secondary and 116 associated projects. In addition, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Qingdao metro and Qingdao Airport expansion have also been planed. The total investment for these projects will be USD10 billion.

(4) Tourist attractions
The summer resort of Qingdao is noted for its picturesque coastal scenery and well-preserved classical European architecture. Qingdao is mentioned in the UN List of the Top 10 Chinese Economic Cities and Top 10 Chinese Residential Cities and has been awarded the title of Model City for Environmental Protection by the China State Council.

  • Three professional golf courses
  • 39 hotels with ratings(rating) of 3 stars or higher
  • 18,367,000 domestic and overseas travelers were hosted by Qingdao in 2002.

    Qingdao, known for natural environment and culture, was selected to host the sailing events during the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing. Mr. Henderson, chairman of the International Sailing Federation spoke highly of the city and he was quoted as saying that, "Qingdao is one of the most beautiful cities all cross Asia and is eminently suited to organize the sailing events for the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing. I believe that Qingdao will have Asia's foremost water sport facility."