China Market Guide

(Yunnan Province)

(1) General Background

Kunming, located at the heart of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, is the capital of Yunnan Province, the provincial centre of politecs, economy, culture and science, the hub of communications and important passageway leadingto Southeastern Asian countries.

Kunming has a total area of 15,561 square kilomitres, a population of over 3.7 million belonging to 26 nationalites, 4 districts and 8 counties within its jurisdiction.

Encircled by mountains and adjoining the highland Dianchi Lake in the south, Kunming boasts picturesque landscapes. It deprives of scorching summer and freezing winter, with a yearly mean temperature of 15.1 centigrade, average rainfall of 1,000 mm and downtown altitude of 1,891 metres. Flowers bloom in a riot of colour and plants flourish all year round, thus it is given the name of "Spring City".

Kunming is one of the well-known cities of history and culture announced by the state due to its long-standing history and numerous places of historic interest.

(2) Industries

Kunming owns rich natural resources. Its major mineral reserves are phosphorus, salt, iron, coal, arenaceous quatrz and bauxite, among which the total reserve of phosphorus which is the largist in China reaches 4.6 billion tons. Its major agriculture prducts are rice, maize, tobacco, oil-bearing crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants. Its tourism resources are world famous for its unique tableland landxcapes, the Stone Forest renowned as "Natural Wonder under the Heaven" and the gorgeous folkways of local minorities.

Kunming has formed an industrial setup with machinery and electronics, tobacco, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, food and building materials as the backbone. Notable products are precison numerical machine tool, jig borer, electric machinery and cable, optical instrument, tobacco, Yunnan Baiyao(a white medicinal powder for treating hemorrhage, wounds, bruises, etc.), and Yunnan Weiqi piece (a kind of Chines chess, also called Go, popular in China, Japan and South Korea.), which are sold in more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

(3) Investment Environment

In the town, a network of transportation, electricity, water supply, and pipe gas has been actualized, beautified and green areas have been expanded hygienic conditions have met the advanced national standards, a group of fully-equipped star-level hotels and modern shops with excellent service have come up.

Kunming enjoys convenient communications. A transportation web of railways, highways and air routes radiates in all directions. The crisscrossed highways of over 5,000km guide to every corner of the province and extend to other parts of China. Guiyang-Kunming Line, Chengdu-Kunming Line and the nearly finished Nanning-Kunming Line are the trunk railway. Kunming airport is one of the sixth largest in China with an annual handling capacity of 2.4 million passengers, operation six international routes linking Bangkok, Yangon, Vientiane, Chiang Mai, Singapore and Kuala Lumprt, and 35 routes linking Hong Kong and other Chinese cities. IDD can get to more than 200 coutries and regions and DDD can touch all the Chinese cities.

Kunming has established friendly relations one after another with Fujisawa of Japan, Zurich of Switzerland, Chauen of Morocco, Denver of the United States and Wagga Wagga of Australia. Being a beautiful and developing city, Kunming cordially welcomes people from home and abroad to tour or invest in Kunming.