China Market Guide

(Shandong Province)

(1) General Background

Located at latitude 36''40'N and longitude 11''700'E, Jinan has Mount Tai, which is included in the list of "world's natural legacy," on the south, while on its north is the Yellow River, which is called "the mother river of the Chinese people ." Lying at the juncture of the Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao -Jinan railways, Jinan has convenient transport facilities and superior geographical location.

(2) Population and Nationality

At the end of 2001, Jinan had a registered population of 5.69 million. The population density is 696 persons per square kilometer. 98.31 per cent of the people who live here are of the Han ethnic group, while 1.62 per cent are of the Hui ethnic groups, and only a very few are of other minority ethnic groups.

(3) City Construction and Afforestation

Jinan City attaches great importance and gives priority to urban construction. Continuing centering on the goal of making great changes in urban construction, Jinan City finished a tremendous group of key urban projects. The implementation of our city appearance,"azure sky" and "illumination" projects have brought about effective results. Eight lamplight illumination spots, such as those at the Bayi Overpass, Daguanyuan, and the Silver Plaza, form illumination belts throughout the city proper. To improve the urban environment, two cement factories were moved outside the main urban area. All of the one-ton coal-fired boilers and most of the two-ton coal-fired boilers have been eliminated from the city proper; and as many as 1.3 million square meters of central heating area have been added. Within the city, 80 per cent of the fired coal burners can now meet the required environmental-protection standards. Great efforts have been made on the construction of facilities for sewage treatment, forming a network system that connects sewage treatment plants of various sizes and coordinates facilities throughout the city. Two reservoirs, the Qushan and the Yuqinghu, as well as the Tianshan Project to drive water from the Yellow River, have been constructed to supply water for the city proper.

The transformation of the Quancheng Road and Furong Street areas adds glamour to the city. In a bid to improve Jinan's transportation system, some new projects have been started, such as the broadening project of the Jing 10 Road, construction of the southern part of a round-the-city expressway, the transformation project of the eastern No. 2 round-the-city road, the road and bridge construction project of Wei 6 Road, the broadening and transformation of North Gongye Road, and the expansion project at Jinan Airport.

The implementation of landscaping projects, including roads, squares, and environment, have turned Jinan into a Green City." The rate of forested area within Jinan has hit 36.8 per cent, equivalent to 7.3 square kilometers per capita. Moreover, much is being done to improve the ecology of Jinan's environment. In 2001 the State Ministry of Construction chose Jinan as a Fine City of Comprehensive Improvement of Urban Environment."

(4) Economic Development

Jinan develops constantly. The policy of reforming and opening to the world brought new vigor to economic development. What merits special mention is that Jinan fulfilled the Great Changes of the most recent Five Year Plan (1997--2001) with flying colors. While continuing to grow in a fast, sustained, and sound manner, the local economy now features significantly weakened ups and downs. In 2001, the municipality generated 106.62 billion yuan in GDP which, computed at the comparable price, represented an increase of 12.1 per cent over the previous year. Jinan is one of the best-developed regions in Shandong in terms of overall economic strength. It is an industrial city of national importance. Primary industry yielded 9.72 billion yuan in added value, up 4 per cent over the year 2000; secondary industry yielded 44.72 billion yuan, up 9.7 per cent; and tertiary industry produced 52.63 billon yuan, up 15.9 per cent.