China Market Guide

(Hunan Province)

(1) General Background

As the capital of Hunan Province, Changsha City is the political, economic, cultural, education and information center of the whole province and one of the first batch famous cities with long history and unique culture publicized by the State Council as well as one of the first batch tourism cities open to the outside world. It executes the jurisdiction over five districts: Furong, Tianxin, Yuelu, Kaifu and Yuhua, three counties: Changsha, Wangcheng and Ningxiang and one city: Liuyang. The total land area of the whole city is 11800km2, wherein, urban area is 556 km2 and built-up area is 158 km2; and its total population is 5955000, 1890000 of it is urban population. Changsha City, with green hills and clear waters and comfortable climate, has Yuelu Mountain with the unique charming scenery of "the frosted maple leaves are red than the flowers in February" and Xiangjiang River embraced by waters and isles with "the waters in spring river is green"; Changsha City, with a lot of heroes born and long history, has Han Tombs of Mawangdui-the eighth wonder of the world enjoying great reputation at home and abroad, a 1,000-Year-Old Institution of Higher Learning -- Yuelu Academy and bamboo slips and wooden slips of the Three Kingdom; "Chu State, a richest land of talents; Yuelu Academy, the best-known cradle in Chu", Changsha City even has a batch of famous politicians, militarists and litterateurs springing up in modern and contemporary history of China.

(2) Industries

In 20 years since reform and opening up to the outside world, the economic strength of Changsha City has been enhanced obviously, urban construction has changed with each passing day and living of people have improved continuously. In the year of 2002, the GDP accomplished by this city was 81290 million yuan and the GDP per capita reached US$1645.

The industry of Changsha City develops quickly. Presently, Changsha City, with its pillar industries, such as electronic information, mechanical manufacture, tobacco and food, new materials, biological medicine, etc. formed preliminarily and a batch of products with famous brands rising, has had two national level development zones: Changsha High and & New Technological Industry Development Zone and Changsha Economic & Technological Development Zone, and Yuelu Mountain University Town of national level in planning. The sales volumes of each brand of Baisha series cigarettes, terminals of computers and straight-burning central air conditioner rank No. 1 of the same trades of the whole country; the sales volume of concrete pump account for 60% of the total sales volume in domestic market; the productive capacity of continuous banding foam nickel is at the leading position in the international market. Baisha and Mendale are awarded the titles of renowned trademarks. Artwares, such as Hunan Embroidery, ceramics of Tongguan, fireworks of Liuyang and chrysanthemum stone sculptures have great reputation for a long time for their strong local features.

(3)Investment Environment Functional facilities

With distinctive agricultural feature, Changsha City is the key production base of marketable grain and pigs. The varieties of agricultural and sideline products, such as aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees, tobacco, lotus nut, tea, edible mushroom, are rich.

Changsha City has prosperous commerce. With merchants gathering and dealing booming from the old, It had become one of four rice markets of the whole nation by the end of Qing Dynasty. A batch of modern commodity facilities are completed one by one, which makes the distributed commodity quantity, transaction volume, radiating surface of commercial activities playing very important statuses in the whole province as well as in the whole nation. Service industries, such as catering, culture, tourism and real estate have their own characteristics. Bank, insurance, securities, foreign exchange dealings flourish day by day and their steps to meet with international finance speed up obviously.

The educational science & technology is developed in Changsha City. Now, there are 23 common colleges and universities with more than 130000 students, 129 scientific research development institutions with various scientific and technological personnel of above 200000 persons, especially a batch of excellent talents in system engineering, information engineering, biological engineering, materials engineering. The number of its products applying for patents is in the front rank among the capitals of all the provinces of China. The technologies of hybrid paddy, galaxy supercomputer, test-tube baby, genetic engineering, magnetic suspension trains are of the leading levels of the world.

Changsha City has convenient communications and traffics. The water, land and air modern traffic system has been formed preliminarily. With non-stop flight to super cities and regions, such as Beijing City, Shanghai City, Guangzhou City, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc., Changsha Huanghua Airport is an international air harbor that has 35 airlines opening to traffic. With the formation of the expressway network taking Changsha City as the center and No. 107 Highway, No.319 Highway, Jingzhu Expressway, etc. joining in urban areas, Changsha City has been listed in the 45 main cities of highway pivot of the country. With Jingguang Double Line crossing its south and north and Xiangqin Line, Zhegan Line and Shichang Line connecting its west and east, Changsha City has been also the railway traffic pivot of the whole nation. What's more, with the production capacity of a-thousand-ton level, the fist phase works of the main pivot of the port of Changsha City-Xianing Port area has been put into operation. The comprehensive ability to communications, ranking No.3 of the whole country, which makes it is possible for Changsha City contact with all the areas of the whole country and more than 180 countries and regions of the world.